23News April 27, 2016

  On this week’s episode of 23News we explain the impact of budget cuts and take a look at tap day.

23NEWS- APRIL 20 2016

TIGER program allows students to grieve loss of pet

By Tana Kelley Together In Grief, Easing Recovery or TIGER is a new program at MU that helps students and community members deal with grief associated with the death of a companion animal. It originally started in 2000 but in 2012 Francesca Tocco, the grief pet counselor, was hired and she helped build the program. […]

23NEWS- APRIL 13, 2016

This week on 23News we look at Together in Grief Easing Recovery (T.I.G.E.R) and the MSA presidential inauguration.

Students cannot submit housing contracts for Respect and Excellence halls

By Aviva Okeson-Haberman Students may not be living in Respect and Excellence halls next year. Currently, students cannot submit housing contracts for the two halls, according to MU spokesperson Christian Basi. This may change if enrollment numbers increase. This comes after the decision to close Laws and Lathrop halls during the 2016-17 school year due […]

NYU Law Professor speaks at MU on mass incarceration

By Brandon Buscher The University of Missouri hosted a speaking event for New York University Law Professor and Director of the Equal Justice Initiative Bryan Stevenson in Jesse Hall last weekend. Professor Stevenson visited MU to discuss the movement against mass incarceration in the United States, a movement of which he is a staunch advocate. […]

Students respond to campus safety

By Brandon Buscher On Saturday March 5, the University of Missouri Police Department arrested homeless man Zachery R. Jones on two counts of rape, and one count of forcible sodomy which reportedly occurred on campus. According to MUPD, these incidents occurred near the intersection of Hitt St. and University Ave. Police were able to apprehend […]

MU Doubles as a Nationally Recognized Botanic Garden

By Haley Broughton The University of Missouri’s botanic garden was ranked one of the top ten “Most Beautiful College arboretums” by bestcollegereviews.org. The reasoning? The Mizzou Botanic Gardens are able to connect with students. There are many volunteer programs through the Gardens such as helping plant new flowers or trees. Occasionally students in the horticulture programs […]

23NEWS- MARCH 23, 2016

This week on 23News we look at MU campus safety and the wheelchair relay.

The hectic search for summer internships

By Tana Kelley During the summer, some students choose to have a part-time job or internship. However the preceding months are when those students are the most panicky. The career center has lots of resources for students to edit resumes, find job and internship listings and talk to a specialist. One way students can find […]