MU researchers use social skills curriculum to limit long-term effects of bullying

By Tess Vrbin, 23News reporter Before he was an assistant professor in the MU College of Education, Chad Rose was a special education teacher who noticed that students who acted violently lacked the social skills necessary to behave differently. “They’re using aggression as a form of communication,” Rose said. Rose studies bullying in relation to […]

Food Truck Friday parks itself at MU

By Olivia Gerling, 23News Reporter The smell of freshly cooked pizza and grilled cheese had MU students lined up along the sidewalk in Speakers Circle Friday, Sept. 9. Brought to MU students by the Missouri Students Association, Food Truck Friday encouraged students and staff to try something different from their regular meal plans. The location […]

Heart of Missouri United Way aims to better the community with the help of MU

By Sam Mosher, 23 News Reporter MU faculty and local leaders gathered in the MU Student Center on Sept. 13 to commemorate the beginning of the 2016 Mizzou United Way Campaign. This campaign, now in its 49th year at the campus, is a collaboration between MU staff and the Heart of Missouri United Way. “The […]

MU blogger seeks to empower women

By Emily Powers, 23News Reporter MU student Lex Ditaway’s blog Meditated Melanin comes with a disclaimer. “This is not a place for sugarcoating; this is a place for telling you what you probably already know, but need to be told again,” Ditaway said in a post on her blog. “This is your disclaimer. If you […]

Audit Shows Loophole Allows Universities to Raise Money through Supplemental Fees

By Daniel Perreault, 23News Reporter Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway released an audit in August drawing attention to what she views as a loophole in the Higher Education Student Funding Act. “The purpose of the Higher Education Student Funding Act is to keep the cost of college affordable for Missouri students and families. It defeats […]

Incoming Vice Provost for Enrollment Management says increasing enrollment will be a group effort

By Tess Vrbin, 23News Reporter MU’s enrollment took a hit this year, but incoming Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Pelema Morrice said he will work hard to fix the problem. About 2,600 fewer students attend MU this year compared to last year, according to the Columbia Daily Tribune. The freshman class size is 1,500 fewer […]

Committee holds public forum to receive feedback on free speech policy proposals

By Tess Vrbin, 23News Reporter Students, faculty and community members gathered in Leadership Auditorium on Tuesday for a forum on proposed policies for regulation of public spaces on the MU campus. The forum’s purpose was to receive feedback on the proposals so that the Ad Hoc Joint Committee on Protests, Public Spaces, Free Speech, and […]

MUPD arrests woman for filing false report

The University of Missouri Police Department arrested 23-year-old Courtney Chancellor for filing a false report of a robbery near Wolpers Hall. “Using evidence from surveillance cameras, we interviewed Courtney Chancellor, and she confessed that she had reported the crime falsely,” MUPD Chief Doug Schwandt said in a press release. MU Alert notified students after receiving […]

Bill would revise role of MSA Senators

By 23News reporter Jacob Cavaiani | Sweeping changes to the requirements of Missouri Students Association senators would be enacted if a bill proposed by Speaker Mark McDaniel is approved. MSA bill 56-01 received its first reading at the first full senate meeting Wednesday. McDaniel said his goal is to make MSA more consistent “so that each […]

Graduate students hold rally to advocate for unionizing

Aviva Okeson-Haberman, MUTV 23News Interactive Director and Lauren Petterson, MUTV Social Media Director When Sarah Senff took the microphone at Wednesday’s rally, she talked about mentoring a fellow graduate student. Senff is the Coalition of Graduate Workers Organizing and Grievance Officer. Senff said she told the graduate student where to find food assistance and how […]