Triple Play

Triple Play March 21, 2017

Hosts Jake Cookson and Brendan Lavell pit Isaac Jahns and Cameron Redler against each other in the championship of the exec championship. Contestants navigate trivia questions about March Madness, European-based American football and even cricket.

Triple Play Feb. 15, 2017

Host Jake Cookson pits the co-hosts of TW23 and Tailgaters against each other in this wild matchup. Which show will come out on top?

Triple Play Jan. 31, 2017

Five contestants, Madeline Boccardi, Aaron Carter, Ethan Illers, Nathalie Jones and Jared Koller compete for one spot in the Triple Play Championship in this semifinal bonanza. Close matchups, crazy upsets and Price is Right-style fun highlights this episode.

Triple Play Jan. 26, 2017

Four contestants, Justin Bjorseth, Isaac Jahns, Erik Kase and Davis McCondichie, square off in the first semifinal of the Tournament of Champions. Three will be eliminated, but who will move on to the Triple Play Championship?

Triple Play Nov. 11, 2016

New host Brendan Lavell and old host Jake Cookson join forces to quiz Max Arnold, Justin Bjorseth and David Sack on everything sports, from football to ice hockey and even Chinese ping pong. MUTV Sports also participates in the craze that’s sweeping the nation, the Mannequin Challenge.