“Mascots” mockumentary is surprisingly unimpressive

By Jacob Douglas, E23 Reporter From “This is Spinal Tap”, to “Best in Show”, Christopher Guest is one of the biggest names in the mockumentary genre. Unfortunately, his newest Netflix Original Movie “Mascots” falls short of the hilarity and fun that made his prior works so great. “Mascots” follows several different mascots as they get […]

“Deepwater Horizon” Review

By Sam Mosher, E23 Reporter I was twelve when the Deepwater Horizon oil rig suffered a fatal explosion in 2010. I remember reading about it in my sixth grade current events class, where the incident was known among the students as the “BP oil spill.” I recall reading articles about how damaging the accident was […]

How to Get Ready for Fall Fashion: Lady’s Guide

By Lauren Harris, 523 Reporter Looking to revamp your autumnal wardrobe? Well look no further! Get ready to drop jaws in front of Jesse, or just keep in casual in Conservation. Take a look at these tips and elevate your fall slay. Faux Fur Fab Honestly, truly, you need a great fur in your life. […]

How to Get Ready for Fall Fashion: Men’s Edition

By Noah McGee, E23 Reporter For guys, it seems like everything has to be expensive. Especially when fall and winter come around. Fashionable and warm jackets, sweaters and shoes seem impossible to get, and many people do not know what to get, what to wear and how to wear it. Here is a list of […]

Five favorite middle school pop punk bands (and where they are today)

By Ian Teoh, E23 Reporter Who remembers the sounds of the late 2000s? Taylor Swift was just becoming a thing, Pop-punk bands ruled the airwaves and blasted out what we thought were profound songs of deep teen angst. Yikes. Still, many of these bands hold a special place in our hearts. It’s not real punk […]

Netflix Movies with a Social Message

By Adianis Contreras, E23 Reporter Often, when we come home from class, we cannot wait to catch up on the next episode of Narcos, Grey’s Anatomy or The Walking Dead, but how much of that content is actually positive? Most of our TV and movie consumption consists of crime, murder, and make-believe. The following list […]

“The Flash” Season Three Premiere Review

By Sam Mosher, E23 Reporter After a four month hiatus, “The Flash” has returned for its third season with “Flashpoint.” Not only was this the premiere episode’s title, but it is also the name of one of the most memorable (and game-changing) DC Comic storylines from recent years. The source material details an alternate dimension […]

How much of the world do you really know?

By Adianis Contreras, E23 Reporter Your day takes a turn for the worse when you stain your favorite shirt. You wash it and throw it in the dryer, but then you realize… the dryer shrunk your favorite shirt! To make matters worse, you have been feeling a bit under the weather lately. You know to drink […]

The Three Best Shows on Netflix

By Ashli Ellerman, E23 reporter We’ve all been there. The Netflix slump. You just finished the last episode of the last season of a show you’ve been obsessing over for months. You feel the sadness begin to creep up on you as you realize the character’s stories you’ve invested so much time, emotion, and Kleenex […]

MU Theatre’s “Death of a Salesman” is a sublime tragedy

By Ian Teoh, E23 Reporter Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is a work so familiar that hearing its name might even breed a sense of apathy due to its ubiquity. First premiering in 1949 in the wake of the war and the great depression, the play is now even older than 63-year-old salesman […]