Spoon, “Hot Thoughts” Review

By Sam Mosher, E23 Reporter I was not a fan of Spoon before hearing the single “Can I Sit Next to You”. The track’s dance grooves, mixed with traditional indie rock, immediately caught my attention. Lead singer Britt Daniel’s howling vocals, the sparse electronic touches and the orchestral flourishes are absolutely brilliant details that make […]

E23’s Table Talk- March 19, 2017

This week on E23’s Table Talk Host Jacob Douglas is joined by Noah McGee and Liam Quinn (with a surprise appearance by executive producer Nnamdi Egwuonwu) to talk about the state of todays rap scene and where they think it will go in the years to come.

Music Matters: “Divide” leaves you with less, but more

By Ian Teoh, E23 Reporter Irish singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran pens music that is remarkable in its ability to breathe. You can hear the earthy chugging of his acoustic guitar on his breakout track “The A Team”. Nylon strings echo out into an empty room on “I See Fire”. The first man to ever play a […]

“Step” Review (True/False Film Festival)

By Mariah Doss, E23 Reporter Amanda Lipitiz’s True/False film “Step “ is hilarious, heartfelt and empowering. “Step” follows the lives of three high school seniors Blessin, Tayla, and Cori as they work to get out of inner city Baltimore and into college while trying to win the state stepping competition. The girls are a part […]

Mocktails and Masterpieces

By Bailey Pierson, E23 Reporter If you are like me, and you like getting involved in anything and everything on campus, you probably took advantage of the Mocktails and Masterpieces event on Tuesday. The event that took place in The Shack, was the perfect way to unleash my inner starving artist. Starting off the event right, […]

The Shins “Heartworms” Review

By Sam Mosher, E23 Reporter The Shins have returned after a five year hiatus with their brand new LP, “Heartworms”. The album finds The Shins experimenting with new sub-genres in pop, while still retaining their fun and playful indie rock sound. The Shins have always been a bright shining star in indie rock. Amidst the […]

The Flattout Truth on Kong: Skull Island

By Cameron R. Flatt, E23 Reporter

The Flattout Truth on the Positive Future of Sequels

By Cameron R. Flatt Hollywood is constantly under fire for many of its practices and, often enough, for good reason. Most large budgets movies pander to their audience. Recognizable stars can often be the only reason for a film’s existence. The same formulas have been run straight into the ground. Studios micromanage to the point […]

“The Force” (True/False Film Fest) Review

By Sam Mosher, E23 Reporter “The Force” covers a lot of issues in its approximately 90 minute runtime. It discusses police brutality, race relations, sexual harassment and masculine culture, but largely fails to address these issues beyond just a surface level observation. “The Force” is about the Oakland Police Department in one of the worst […]

“Logan” Delivers the Most Human Story, About Super Humans (SPOILERS)

By Jacob Douglas, E23 Reporter WARNING: THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS. “This is what life looks like: people love each other.” With one line, Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) describes what makes Logan so great. In Hugh Jackman’s (potential) last go around as The Wolverine, we get the most grounded take on a comic book property. The […]