By Rachel Zalucki, E23 Reporter

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and once again, no Valentine. As much as the urge to sit around in our pajamas and lament our unchanged Facebook statuses weighs on our hearts, we press on.

We get up, we get dressed, and we scowl at all the couples around us. This year, however, why not shake things up? Instead of glaring at our friends and their significant others, we should treat ourselves this year. “New year, new me,” right?

Here’s 10 ideas for the perfect Valentine’s Date with me, myself, and I:

1. Take A Hike, Literally.

Here in Columbia, Missouri, the Pinnacles are somewhat of a treasure. One of the rare gems of mid-Missouri, Pinnacles National Park is a gorgeous spot for camping, hiking, and becoming “one” with nature.

Plus, if you spent last year like I did (in a dark room, sobbing into my sheets), here’s your chance to do the opposite! Enjoy the day outdoors, where you can freely bask in the sunshine and the raw beauty of nature. Or sob in the open air about how lonely you are, if that’s your thing. (It’s definitely mine.)

2. Go See a Movie

I have always been a fan of a good tear-jerker, even when I’m down in the dumps about being single. And equally so, comedies can be a good option for lifting your spirits! But no one can judge you if you’re still crying, because it’s usually dark in movie theaters. Plus, the concession stand is the perfect way to distract yourself with delicious snack foods.

3. Watch a Play

There’s no better time than the present to improve one’s cultural awareness, so pop on down to the Columbia Entertainment Company to watch their magnificent rendition of A Chorus Line. Or watch one of the two amazing productions by the New York Acting Company (i.e., X and Julius Caesar) at the Mizzou Theatre. You are going to be, like, so cultured by the end of this, just you wait.

4. Sit and Meditate

On campus, there are many places available for people who just need a spot to sit and be quiet for a while. My personal favorite is Peace Park. Peace Park is one of the few places that truly provides a calm atmosphere that makes it incredibly easy to take a deep breath and leave all your troubles in the past. Just don’t feed the squirrels, they will follow you home.

5. Watch Something on Netflix

Netflix is the prime place to just sit back and escape from the daily struggles of life. And there are many shows to pick from! So, put on some comfy pajamas, grab your favorite snack, and explore the immersive culture that is binge-watching television.

6. Work out.

Make everybody regret not asking you to be their valentine by getting shredded. Also, now you can eat all that valentine’s day candy you impulsively bought without regretting it!

7. Sleep All Day

As an add-on to the previous item on this list, beauty sleep is a thing.

8. Learn to Cook

I spend about 80% of my day looking at various social media accounts dedicated to food. Why not take the time to actually learn how to make yourself a meal? Self-love is all about pandering to your own needs and learning to fill yourself up with things that make you happy, so you can pour into others, right?

Well, I think I speak for most when I say that the purest love that can exist is one’s love for food. So, nurture the heck out of it.

9. Get ahead on your Homework.

As that one Thomas Edison quote goes, “There is no better substitute than hard work.” Haha no, I’m just kidding.

10. Laser Tag

Let me level with you for a second. Is there any situation that cannot be fixed (or at least put off until further notice) with the help of laser tag? Most of my life crises have been fixed (or further avoided) with laser tag.

It’s the obvious choice for helping you get over being single on a holiday solely dedicated to monogamy. So, grab your friends and have an awesome time!

It also helps if you picture your ex.

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