2013 Oscar Fashion: This is Not the Fashion Police

Friday, March 1-

The Oscars, also known as America’s unofficial royal ball, took place on Sunday. Who cares who won awards; let’s spill the gossip about the best and worst dressed celebrities on the dais.

One of the favorites of the night was Naomi Watts in an asymmetrical one-shoulder Armani Prive gown. The silhouette was clean and sophisticated. What really lifted this dress up was the amazing metallic pattern, which has been a staple on red carpets for the past decade. The hair and makeup also looked elegant yet runway ready because of its messy yet chic vibe that is all the rage.

A very close second is the immortal and forever fine Halle Berry in a sparkling and red hot number from the house of Versace. Berry has always been known for showing off that phenomenal body in skin baring items, so the use of sleeves and a floor length skirt gave her points for coming out of her comfort zone and still looking mighty fabulous. The look was accentuated by mid-length black earrings which gave the look an updated “Dynasty” vibe which read 40 percent Dominique Deveraux and 60 percent fabulous.

A shout out must be given to the youngest Best Actress nominee in Academy Awards history, Quvenzhane Wallis, who looked super cute in Armani. She looked sharp and adorable and every bit of the young ingénue who stole our hearts in “Beasts of the Southern Wild.” Also, points and double snaps for the puppy purse on the red carpet that injected some of her personality in the look. The whole look was overall a job well done from the young girl.

Honestly, there weren’t many disasters on the red carpet expect one particular look.

Funny lady Melissa McCarthy under impressed in an ill-fitting and drab David Meister gown. McCarthy has never been one to shy away from her super sexy and curvaceous body, so the fact that the dress tries its hardest to cover up her body by pinning and tucking every part of the dress is unfortunate.

Whoever is advising McCarthy to hide her body and wear unflattering garment after unflattering garment should be fired. She could be a very sharp and chic dresser if she started embracing her skin rather than running away from it. Additionally, the makeup and styling was horrible and made her look a bit like “Glee”  character Lauren Zizes after a dare gone wrong.


-Alfie Cox

Staff Writer

The Prowl