23 Sports Makes the Pick: Missouri vs. Murray State

Nick Hehemann, This Week In 23 Sports
A lot of people think Murray State is decent because of the recent success of the school’s basketball team. However, this is football. I’ve got Missouri in a blowout.

Jeremy Schrank, Tailgaters
I’ve got Mizzou by a lot. My reasoning: it’s Murray State. Mizzou’s offense is explosive and will put up a lot of points in a hurry, leading to a rout.

Alex Farkas, Triple Play
Missouri is better in every phase of the game and should take this at home. Murray State might be in it early, but the Tigers will pull away in an eventual rout.

Eric Kelly, This Week In 23 Sports
I’ll take Missouri by a final score of 48-7. I think that Murray State is overmatched in every aspect. I think it’ll be a good game to get the backups such as Maty Mauk, Russell Hansbrough, and Marcus Murphy some playing time.

Ryan Peraino, Tailgaters
Based on their impeccable basketball record two years ago and the fact that their nickname reminds me of underwear, I’m taking Murray State for the line. Missouri still wins the game.

Chinmay Vaidya, Web Director
There are games that define a season. This is not one of those games. I’ll pick Missouri to beat Murray State.

Avery Franklin, Triple Play
This is going to be an extremely close game. Murray State will challenge Missouri, even though the Tigers are at home. I’ll pick Missouri, but it will be a close contest.