’30 Rock’ Series Finale: Fey Moves On

Friday, Feb. 1-

All right, nerds! As far as series finales go, last night’s episode of “30 Rock” did everything right. They doubled the show time, brought in a bunch of past guest stars, and successfully gave a happy ending to its main characters.

Liz Lemon finally creates a family and moves on to greater sitcom endeavors, Jack takes control of creating his own happiness, and Kenneth becomes the president of NBC.

There’s no denying the great impact the show had; for years it has brought great laughs and great catchphrases like,” I want to go to there,” and “Blargh!” The show also re-launched Alec Baldwin’s career and gave its audience a chance to see a glimpse at what goes on behind the camera, even if it is an exaggerated glimpse.

As far as timing goes, however, the finale was probably a year or two overdue. Like “Seinfeld” narrowly managed to do, television shows should quit while they were on top. The last the show won a Primetime Emmy Award was four years ago. Now they constantly lose principal awards to ABC’s “Modern Family”.

Laughs seemed a bit short as most of the characters were dealing with imminent unemployment, unfulfilled lives, friendship betrayals, and threats of attempted suicide. The show did deliver classic moments with wonderful one-liners and crafty dialogue.

Key show elements even made a great return, such as old guest stars— Jason Marsden, Ice T, Selma Hayek, Juliana Moore, Nancy Pelosi, and Conan O’Brien—and old show gags like “The Rural Juror”.

With the show’s end, creator, actress, and writer Tina Fey is free to do what she does best. Writing and acting jobs will still be available—she’s in the upcoming movie “Admission” and is in talks to produce a “Mean Girls” musical. So keep your eyes open, Tina Fey’s career is still on the rise.


-Maddie Ptacin

Staff Writer

The Prowl