MU Theatre Department Costume Sale Sparks Halloween Spirit

Samantha Kummerer – MUTV 23 News Writer

COLUMBIA – With multiple performances throughout the year the MU Department of Theatre accumulates a wide variety of costumes and props.

Last Friday MU’s theatre department hosted a costume sale as a way to make room for newer items.  The department hosts costumes sales every other year and this year’s sale took place outside of the Fines Arts Building.

The costume department pulled their costumes that had been used multiple times, could currently not fit anyone, or had multiple similar.

With the mission to get rid of the items, the prices ranged from 25 cents to 5 dollars. The dollar bag specials allowed attendees to pay a dollar for all the costumes they were able to fit in a plastic bag. All costumes still left at the end of the sale were donated to Goodwill and other organizations.

As this year’s sale fell the week before Halloween, it assisted students and the Columbia public with Halloween costume inspiration. From shoes, to accessories, the costume sale presented a variety of unique pieces.

The MU Department of Theatre will present “The Summer at Grossensassfrom Oct. 31 to Nov. 3.








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