Mizzou After Dark Helps Students Keep Resolutions

by Danielle Katz – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

Mizzou After Dark kicked off this semester with an event dedicated to inspiring participants to make individual choices aimed at improving their lives.

Almost every week, the organization has different events with unique themes that act as alternatives to staying in or partying. Each night offers food and a variety of activities, which previously has included crafts, inflatables and comedians.

Multiple activities at this event provided opportunities for attendees to reflect upon the past and determine how exactly to move forward in the future.

“By now a lot of people may have slipped a little bit on their resolutions,” said Whitney Banker, planning assistant. “It’s a nice reminder after about a month to stay on track and remember it’s not too late to wait until next year, to keep your resolutions going even if you haven’t been perfect.”

Each person could decorate a pocket calendar, take a 30-minute yoga class and speak with representatives from MU health organizations for advice.

Emily Babcock represented the Wellness Resource Center and suggested adding a glass of water or substituting a healthier food choice daily as simple resolutions that could make a large difference.

“Resolutions are something we often want to run to because we think,‘Now’s the time. I want to make all these new changes. It will be perfect’, but I think the problem with resolutions is that we make unrealistic choices,” Babcock said. “We think we can put this together in such a simple way and make all these fixes, so the more important thing to focus on is making healthy and sustainable behavior changes little bits at a time.”

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