Missouri Volleyball No Match for No.10 Kentucky

Dylan Johnson, 23 Sports

The Mizzou women’s volleyball team set out to continue their three-game win streak and repeat history heading into their home opener against the No.10 Kentucky Wildcats Wednesday. The tigers started out very strong but the Wildcats kept up, only to fall short in the first set, as the Tigers emerged over the Wildcats 25-19. Mizzou had 12 kills, nine blocks, and three aces to Kentucky’s 12 kills, one block, and one ace.

But the Wildcats didn’t give up and they turned the tables in the second set beating the tigers 25-18. The Wildcats just seemed to be doing everything right with 19 kills, one ace, and three blocks.

The Wildcats didn’t stop there, taking down the Tigers in both the third and fourth sets as well. In set three (25-19) with Kentucky having 19 kills to Mizzou’s 11 and set four (25-19), with Kentucky again having 19 kills and Mizzou having just 10. Mizzou’s offense just couldn’t keep up. The Wildcats used star player Leah Edmond, who had 18 kills over the whole game, to take the win of (3-1). Mizzou’s Head coach Wayne Kreklow had this to say about the game and the wildcat’s. “It’s just going to take a little bit of time. Like I said, going into this, Kentucky is just in a different place than we are. “They’re smoother, they’re more polished.”

An honorable mention of the game is Mizzou senior Melony Crow who ended the game with a season high of eight kills, two aces, and three blocks.

Mizzou is back in action Sunday, September 24 as they take on Texas A&M at Texas A&M.