By Monica Roselli, E23 Reporter

Valentine’s Day is here, which means people will be going to great lengths to make sure their significant other has the best day. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is not a cheap holiday, and coordinating the perfect day and gift can get pretty expensive. Fear not, these cost-saving ideas will definitely help you create the perfect day without hurting your bank account.

  1. Make Your Own Flowers

Many people will drop a few Hamiltons on flowers that only last a week. Instead, make your own flower bouquets and surprise your significant other with them. All you need is scissors, colored construction paper and pipe cleaners. With a little help from Pinterest, you’ll have beautiful (and inexpensive) bouquets that were literally made with love.

  1. Take A Walk Downtown

If you are close to the downtown area, take a long walk with your significant other. You will both be able to walk hand in hand down the many streets while looking at all the storefront windows decked out for the holiday. When you get tired or need a break, find a bench to sit on and talk at or even cuddle up a bit.

  1. Go To The Local Sweet Shop

Who says that a five-course meal is the norm for Valentine’s Day? Take your date to the local cupcake boutique, bakery or candy store and let them pick out whatever they want. You will score major brownie points by skipping to everyone’s favorite part of dinner (dessert) while still keeping with the Valentine’s traditions of giving each other sweet treats.

  1. Plan A Picnic

Booking reservations at your significant other’s favorite restaurant can be a hassle especially on a holiday. Instead, plan a picnic for the two of you. Since it is February, convert a room in your house or dorm room into a nice restaurant for two. Set out a blanket, pack some of your favorite meals and treats into the basket and turn on some string lights to recreate a picnic under the stars.

  1. Go To The Movies Without Leaving Your House

Don’t spend an outrageous amount of money on movie tickets, movie theater popcorn and candy. Rent some rom-coms or sappy love movies from your local cable provider or stream them on Netflix. Also, pop your own popcorn and stock up on your significant other’s favorite candy. If you run out, your kitchen is not too far away, allowing you to not miss a moment of the movie or snuggle time.

Going all out for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. With a bit of creativity, your holiday will be one neither of you will forget.