6 Awesome Ways to Kill…Time

6 Awesome Ways to Kill…Time6 Awesome Ways to Kill…Time6 Awesome Ways to Kill…Time6 Awesome Ways to Kill…Time6 Awesome Ways to Kill…Time6 Awesome Ways to Kill…Time

By: Olivia Rivers, E23 Reporter

Movies do a lot of things, they make you laugh, they make you cry, they inspire you, they comfort you, and of course they entertain you! Whether you’re on a mission to watch every great movie ever produced or just looking for a good flick to help you procrastinate on your homework, below you’ll find several titles destined to please. You can take comfort in the fact that yes, I have seen all of the following and can vouch that they are all definitely worth your time.


  1. Let’s Kill Wards Wife

Writer and director Scott Foley definitely gave viewers a break from the usual crime/comedy plot with this 2014 film. The film features Donald Faison (Scrubs), Scott Foley (Scandal), and several other talented actors and actresses as well. Sadistic, barbarous, and utterly amusing Let’s Kill Wards Wife is a terrific way to spend an hour and a half of your life.



  1. Coldwater

This 2013 drama managed to make it into my top twenty films of all time, a very difficult feat indeed. P.J. Boudousque who convincingly played lead character Brad Lunders is not yet a household name, his incredible performance however, leads me to believe that he very well could be. A heartfelt tale of survival, this film definitely has the potential to make you shed a few tears.



  1. The Reluctant Fundamentalist

It’s been a while since I’ve seen this 2012 thriller, perhaps one of the greatest movies produced in the last five years, but I can still remember just how powerful the film is. The film focuses on young Pakistani, Changez, who according to IMDB is “…chasing corporate success on Wall Street.” If you’re looking for a film that can teach you something and easily hold your attention, check out The Reluctant Fundamentalist.




  1. The Story of Luke

This award winning comedy/drama certainly deserved all of the recognition it received. The Story of Luke focuses on a young autistic man setting out to find love, work, and ultimately his own life. My first taste of Lou Taylor Pucci’s, the actor who portrayed Luke, work was interestingly enough Green Day’s music video for “Jesus of Suburbia”. Pucci certainly proved his wide range in acting abilities in this movie through Luke, who you can’t help but love.



  1. Starred Up

Starring Jack O’Connell (Unbroken) this film can appeal to any type of mature audience. In Starred Up we see O’Connell’s character Eric Love, a teenager with anger management, deal with the challenges of being transferred to an adult prison. The film received high ratings from both critics and the general public. Warning viewers are in for an hour and a half of intense emotional highs and lows.



  1. City Island

Unpredictable and outrageous this comedy will hold your full attention from beginning to end. Real life father and daughter Andy Garcia (The Godfather: Part III) and Dominik Garcia-Lorido are joined by several other convincing cast members to form one dysfunctional family. Whether you want to prove your own family’s normalcy or just laugh for an hour and a half, check out City Island.


Great critic reviews, exceptional acting, and an E23 stamp of approval, what more do you need before you check out these films? Be sure to let us know what you think @MUTV23 !