Mimi Kuroiwa, 23News reporter

MU Women’s Center hosted variety of events last week to promote loving your body. From a dance party to lunch with a guest speaker, the women’s center hoped that students would think about themselves and appreciate their body.

The women’s center has been hosting “Love Your Body Week” ever since 2014. “Love Your Body Week” was inspired by the National Organization for Women Foundation’s nationwide campaign, Love Your Body.

According to their website, NOW Foundation started the campaign because of the media’s portrayal of what they consider a beautiful women to look like: white, young and thin. Here at MU, Women’s Center wants students to see everybody, no matter what color or shape, as beautiful.

The week opened up with “Lunch and Learn” at the center. They invited Dr. Heather Carver, chair and artistic director for the MU Theatre Department, to talk about the challenges that coming with learning to appreciate one’s body.

In addition, there was a dance party at the center, a retreat to Alpine Tower, Bodies and Boudoirs at Women’s Center, and a Love Your Body Festival at Lowry Mall.

The week ended with The Body Collective Release Party at LGBTQ Resource Center. To celebrate their literary journal, they provided some pizzas to the participants and had people read their poems.

Alyssa Gnech, a staff member at the center, hopes that these events would give students a sense of self-love, despite whatever trauma they may have gone through.

“Remember…to self love and appreciate yourself because at the end of the day, that’s all you got,” Gnech said. “Your body is beautiful.”

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