A Shift in Tone at the Vatican

Caitlin McCarthy – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

An assembly held by Pope Francis this past week discussed welcoming gays and untraditional families into the Church, including unmarried couples and people who are divorced.

Although the Church is becoming more accepting of these untraditional relationships and families, the Church doctrines and teachings will not change. This will lead to much debate about whether or not the Church will start accepting these groups more.

Within the first 18 months of Pope Francis’s papacy, he has strayed away form the condemnation of untraditional views of families and relationships. This is groundbreaking because he is the first pope to do so.

Francis hand-picked a committee to write the 12 page document addressing the new open views. In the document, without abandoning church teachings, it addresses that the church should recognize positive aspects of civil unions and cohabitation. It also addresses gay couples saying they have  qualities to offer to the Christian community. There has been a drop in the support of the church teaching that these groups of people are “living in sin.”

This week, working groups of bishops will revise and look over the document. There is also a lot of pressure from the United Nations and countries in Africa who persecute gay people. Overall the document is addressing real world problems and that these situations such as divorce are not chosen, but imposed.

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