Meet our fabulous staff who make it all possible!


Station Management

Station Coordinator: Mark Johnson

General Manager: Nina Ruhe

Assistant General Manager: Lauren Magarino

Station Webmaster: Nicholas Simon

MU Improv Director: AJ Backer


Department Manager: Ariel Sierra

News Director: Haley Broughton

News and Interactive Director: Aviva Okeson-Haberman

Executive Producer: Tana Kelley

Floor Producer: Ian Nickens


Department Manager: Anthony Romano

Director & Co-Host of TW23: Andrew Carlson

Director and Web Director: Brendan Lavell

Co-Host of Tailgaters: Troy D’Souza

Co-Host of Tailgaters: Edward “Cameron” Redler

Co-Host of TW23: Thomas Maurer

Social Media Director: Isaac Jahns


Department Manager: Daniel Konstantinovic

Director: Davis McCondichie

Director & Events Coordinator: Africa Baker

Executive Producer: Nnamdi Egwuonwu

Web Director: Olivia Jacobson

Social Media Director: Arielle Cadet


Good Morning Mizzou 

Executive Director: Cleopatra Benos

Production Director: Allie Greenspun

Executive Producer: Anna Jaoudi

Web & Social Media Producer: Riley Christiansen

Promotions & MU Tonight

Promotions Executive Director: Olivia Rivers

MU Tonight Production Director & Event Director: Tyra Murray

MU Tonight Video Director: Zach Sayer

MU Tonight Content Director: Hannah Cox

Promotions Creative Director: Ashley Yong