About Film Crew

Film Crew is a campus resource for students, student organizations, and departments who need video assistance.  All of the members of Film Crew are paid student employees that are majoring in Communications, Journalism, or other media related fields.  Each member of Film Crew has at least two years of video experience and goes through additional training to meet your video needs.

Whether you just want a professional video product or wish to be involved in the process and learn a bit about planning, filming, and editing, Film Crew is the right group for you.  Film Crew offers:

  • Planning and Customer Consultation
  • Video Filming and Editing Services
  • Multi-Camera Event Video Archival and Live-Streaming Services
  • Promotional/Advertising/Commercial Video Creation
  • DVD Creation
  • Conversion services for analog to digital media (VHS to DVD, etc)
  • Timelapse Video Services

As Film Crew is a program in the Department of Student Life, many of its services are offered free of charge to MSA auxiliaries and organizations directly affiliated with Student Life.  For Student Organizations, individuals, and other departments, Film Crew offers very affordable pricing.