Film Crew FAQ

How much does a filming session cost?
The cost of each film session depends on the size and length of the project. The following prices give every client an estimate of the potential total cost:

$20/hour per crew member for labor (pre-planning/storyboard/filming/editing)
$15 per camera per event
$15 for light kit
$25 for Steadicam rig (includes camera)

Is Mizzou Film Crew a part of MUTV?

Mizzou Film Crew and MUTV are separate organizations but are closely affiliated. Mizzou Film Crew shares the same equipment for filming and editing as MUTV and both are filled with trained staff overseen by coordinators.

How long does filming and editing take?

The amount of time it takes to film and edit depends on the size of the project. Generally promotional filming takes 1-3 hours. The footage is edited within one week after filming. After the editing process the clients and film crew directors will review the video and determine if it is satisfactory.

Does Mizzou Film Crew only shoot promotional footage?

No, if the schedule permits it, Mizzou Film Crew shoots live events, short films, interviews, documentaries, etc.

Does Mizzou Film Crew make videos for promotions for private businesses?

Mizzou Film Crew works with campus organizations as a service to the students and university affiliates. Mizzou Film Crew does not film for private businesses unaffiliated with the university’s organizations or events.