By Hal Robison, E23 Reporter

Adam, Jack and Ryan Met still insist that they’re “not famous.”

After the release of their second album, “The Click,” in June 2017 and the start of their tour of the same name, AJR has slowly been making their name a household one. Of their remaining tour dates, only one show isn’t sold out.

The brothers perform on VOA.

(From left) Ryan, Jack and Adam Met make up AJR (Source: Wikimedia).

During their April 11 concert in Kansas City, the brothers from New York City took a few minutes to explain, in heartfelt detail, the process of their success and the long road they took to get to where they are now. The Met brothers hail from Chelsea, New York City, and have been making music together since they were kids. They’re quick to tell stories about their parents, who supported them from the beginning but made them busk on the streets of NYC to prove that they truly wanted to pursue a musician’s life. When their 2013 single “I’m Ready” went platinum, they were still playing to crowds of fifteen people, Jack explained. And that’s how they thought it was always going to be.

But the Click Tour isn’t going like that at all.

The Truman in Kansas City was teeming with college and high school students, with a few adults spread sparsely throughout the crowd. The standing room only venue was filled with the thrumming excitement only a crowd of anxious concertgoers can give off. As the lights went down and the first song from their album, “Overture,” played, the crowd erupted into cheers and screams. While the brothers’ music may not play on the radio, their fan base is very dedicated to their unique music. And it’s very easy to see why.

Jack, usually seen wearing a furry hat, whirls and jumps around the stage in a way that makes everyone want to get up and dance with him. Adam is the quietest one, but his skillful bass-playing and occasional backing vocals propel the band’s sound forward. Ryan sings and plays the keyboard or ukulele for the band, and he smiles the brightest when fans sing lyrics back to him. The three make a charming trio, and they interact with their fans in a way that shows their deep appreciation for the support.

AJR played every song from “The Click,” their most recent single, “Burn the House Down,” and their first single, “I’m Ready.” While I would have loved to hear more from their first album, “Living Room,” their music has grown and evolved since then, and I understand why they want to focus on their newest sound and style.

The concert was an incredible combination of live performance, audio remixes, fan interaction, storytelling, a visually stunning set and incredible music. AJR not only succeeds in putting on a good show, but any concertgoer can tell how much they want to put on a good show. Their passion is evident in every aspect of their show. But they do it all while insisting that it’s not a show at all. As Jack explained, echoing the lyrics of their song “Come Hang Out”, “we don’t think of this as you guys coming to see us. We’re here to see you too. We’re just hanging out. So thanks for hanging out with us.”

So, if you have a chance to hang out with AJR anytime soon, I’d highly recommend it.

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