Alveda King Visits MU

Maia McDonald – 23 News Staff Writer


Invited by the MU pro-life organization Mizzou Students for life, Dr. Alveda King came to MU to speak on the issues of abortion and being pro-life in today’s era.


The niece of one of America’s best-known civil rights leaders, Dr. King made sure to explain her views and their roots in her own experiences, candidly speaking on her mother’s considerations of abortion and her own as well.


Students and community members were invited to the event in which Dr. King and Mizzou Students for Life explained the history and nuances of the issue and why it is important to teach. Showing trailers of multiple pro-life films and documentaries as well as providing several resources for information and statistics, Dr. King hoped students would benefit from the event.


“People can listen. College students are so intelligent but nobody’s giving good information and that’s what bothers me. I just say to them ‘hey kids you’re better than that, you don’t have to do that.’” said Dr. King


The MU organization Mizzou Students for Life hope to educate the MU community on the issues of abortion and being pro-life, especially on a college campus.


“I hope that pro-life people can learn about it, I hope that African-Americans can learn more about it, and just the community. Everyone needs to know this.” said former Mizzou Students for Life President Reagan Nielsen.


As a pro-life and civil rights activist, Dr. King regularly tours the U.S. to give speeches like the one at MU.

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