America the Beautiful

Sunday, April 21-

The bombings in Boston was a truly horrendous act. However, the compassion that people display in the aftermath of such events never ceases to amaze me.

Runners went to area hospitals to donate blood to those injured. Volunteers and pedestrians rushed to help those hurt, with no knowledge of whether or not there would be subsequent blasts. Nurses and doctors from surrounding areas fled to local hospitals and treated patients for days without rest.

All I can say is that, despite the horrific events that transpire around the world, those who plan such events never truly win. Rather, they only serve to bring out heroism in people that is often overlooked.

Evidence of our nation’s unity was eminent throughout the coverage of the Boston Marathon blast. One couldn’t visit a social media site or homepage that lacked updates on the situation’s progression.

Throughout this, I couldn’t help but be consumed with an overwhelming sense of pride in my fellow Americans.

In light of the bombing, the nation banded together behind our government and law enforcement in order to find the culprit and help those affected by the blasts. On campus alone, Mizzou for Boston organized to aid the Red Cross in collecting goods and donations.

In the media, the blast was continually covered, and the subsequent manhunt flooded all media outlets. In general, I applaud the coverage of the events that unfolded, as media sources kept the situation grounded and refrained from sensationalizing the event.

The media’s failure to overly dramatize the bombings helped to keep the public more grounded with the situation and prevented hysteria. However, it did not hinder the fervor with which Americans sought to bring the bombers to justice.

Overall, the Boston Marathon was and always will be remembered as a national tragedy.

However, out of the darkness comes light. A light that defies those few who seek to harm others. A light that proves that humanity as a whole is not inherently evil and that compassion still exists. A light that ensures that, as long as we are in this country, we can rely on our fellow Americans in our times of need.

There is nowhere else I would rather be.


-Alex Mediavilla

Staff Writer

The Prowl