‘American Idol’ Recap: Male Contestants Go to Hollywood

Friday, Feb. 8-

Season 12 of “American Idol” heated up in Hollywood on Wednesday!

Tension ran high as the guys kicked off the first day of Hollywood Week with just one day of rehearsal to learn the assigned song choice. In the past seasons, Hollywood Week has always been the most strenuous.

This week was all about the guys and proving to the judges how bad they wanted to move on to the next round. As soon as the show began, the guys were brought out ten at a time to sing acapella.

After all 40 guys were finished, they were put into groups of four in which the judges would critique them as a whole. While some groups won over the judges with their terrific sound and excellent chemistry as a group, other groups failed tremendously. Some of the groups did not know the lyrics to the song assigned to them, though this may have happened due to having only one night of rehearsal.

As Hollywood Week continued, the guys now had to perform solo. Were their solos enough to place them in the top 20? Well for  Nick Boddington, Charlie Askew and Josh “Jada” Davila it was, as they were the selected few to continue on to the next round.

As the competition of guys winds down from 40 to 20, the question still remains: Who has what it takes to be the next “American Idol?” Stay tuned for next week’s episode with the girls competing against one another Wed. and Thurs. at 8/7c!


-Imani Cobbs

Staff Writer

The Prowl