America’s Golden Boy All Grown Up 

America’s Golden Boy All Grown Up 

By: Kayla Myers, E23 Staffer

The world was first introduced to Nick Jonas in 2007 with the Jonas Brothers’ self titled debut album, “Jonas Brothers.” Once the Jonas Brothers caught the attention of Disney and started a TV series about themselves, this solidified their status as America’s favorite boy band in the eyes of many young people. After three popular albums and a hit TV show, the Jonas Brothers chose to take a break in 2010 and 2011 in order for the brothers to each focus on their own solo efforts. The brothers planned on returning with a new album together in 2012. However, at the end of 2013, the band announced that they were no longer together.

Following the official disbandment of the Jonas Brothers, Nick Jonas is continuing to make a name for himself as a solo artist. Previously, his first foray outside of the Jonas Brothers was his 2010 album, “Who I Am,” with his band Nick Jonas and the Administration. Now, with the release of his singles, “Chains” and “Jealous,” this marks his first solo effort since then.

Along with his recently released music, Jonas is marking a new page in his career with a recent photo spread and article in Flaunt Magazine that is garnering considerable attention. The spread features Jonas emulating Mark Wahlberg’s famous 1992 Calvin Klein photo shoot. At the age of 22, Jonas seems to be moving away completely from his previously wholesome image as a Disney star as he makes his grand return to music. As MU freshman Hannah Schmuck explains, “I do not see a problem with his photos, however he feels [it] is the best way to promote his own music is his own choice, and I cannot say it was a bad choice.”


Jonas seems to be unstoppable as he begins the next phase of his career. He explains in his interview with Flaunt, “I want to keep pushing through,” said Jonas, “There are moments when there are things happening around you that you’re missing, but that’s life! It comes in seasons, and in waves, and you just gotta ride each one.”

Nick Jonas’ self-titled album, “Nick Jonas”, is expected to arrive on shelves in November.