Annual Tap Day

Tap Day was celebrated for the 86th year Friday in a packed Jesse Auditorium.
A day that recognizes reputable student and faculty members for their accomplishments on and off campus, Tap Day reveals the induction of new members into 6 of the 7 secret societies on campus.
The societies that participate in Tap Day are QEBH, Mystical Seven, Mortar Board, LSV, Rollins Society and Omicron Delta Kappa.
Typically, initiates are juniors. The exceptions, however, are members of Rollins Society, who are graduate students, some ODK members and honorary faculty members.
Students and faculty entered Jesse Auditorium wearing hooded robes – concealing their identity until they are officially revealed. The society’s begin revealing their members, one by one, beginning with the oldest society, QEBH.
The Maneater reported on a 7th secret society – Theta Nu Epsilon. Despite being the first secret society on campus, they don’t participate in Tap Day. Based on the Skull and Bones society that originated at Yale, their members are kept confidential through coding.
After the Maneater published their story, they received flyers under their door with the Theta Nu Epsilon skull and bones emblem with the words “alive and well.”

Amber Smith