Are Tigers thankful for the long Thanksgiving Break?

By Emily Peters, The Prowl

As we all know, Thanksgiving Break is rapidly approaching. As this last week begins, everyone is pushing their way through essays, exams and last minute studying to be able to go home and enjoy some relaxation. And of course an immense amount of home-cooked food!

The Mizzou community is lucky enough to have a whole week off for Thanksgiving while smaller schools around the U.S. are getting out only the day before the well-known holiday. But, since most of the other schools got a fall break, we deserve this longer break…right?!

Which is better, a quick little break in the middle of October or a long one at the end of November? Some might say that the one in the middle of October would be nice because it is during the most overwhelming point in the semester.  A break then would be nice.

On the other hand, a break in the middle of October would get students off track and in the mood for break rather than school. Seeing that this year’s Thanksgiving Break is later on the calendar than usual, there is only one week after we come back until finals week. To some, this may be no big deal, but to others all of the relaxation and free time may not keep them focused on the finals that will be approaching quickly when they return!

Both breaks have pros and cons but since us Tigers have a long Thanksgiving Break with a short amount of time until finals after we get back, we have to try and stay focused for an amount of time over break. Take time each day to look over notes or maybe do some reading. That way, when you come back, the studying will not be too overwhelming.

Also, while on break, enjoy the time with your friends and family. For some, this is the first time they will go home since they have moved to college so they deserve to have the free time with family! Also, eat lots of food. We all know that dining hall food or microwave dinners are getting kind of old…

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and be thankful for the time you have with family, traditions, great food, and of course, being a Mizzou Tiger!