At age 175 Mizzou proves it’s still spry with activities and surprises

By Madison Silvey, E23

There are many different ways to draw the attention of college students. Mizzou succeeded in doing so by the use of baked goods. Yellow cupcakes lined the student center walkways  but naturally were swiped up in less than 20 minutes by a never-ending swarm of hungry Tigers. Why the sudden generosity out of such a large school? These treats were just one component of a truly extravagant birthday party.

The University of Missouri celebrated its 175th birthday on Tuesday, Feb. 11, 2014. Mizzou’s chancellor, R. Bowen Loftin, began each student’s day with an email that explained not only the activities of the day but also some history behind the university itself. The famous columns of the campus were decorated in the school’s colors for the celebration and the quads lawn was lined with students attempting to find the perfect angle for the perfect Instagram picture.

Not only did the week provide internet fame and pleased appetites, other surprises decorated the anticipated week. Students were able to receive free T-shirts in the Student Center as well as make a “My Wish For Mizzou.” Each special wish was hung from a tree for all to see and will even be lining the Mizzou Legacy Walk until February 25. A multitude of videos and online quizzes can be found on the Mizzou website, ranging from vast history lessons on the university to why students think being a tiger is so special.

The 175th birthday of the University of Missouri is one to be celebrated with not only yellow cupcakes but also pride. This esteemed university is one to be reckoned with and it is safe to say that the students and faculty agree. Until the 176th, Mizzou.