Battle of the Burritos: Moe’s vs. Chipotle

By: Danielle Spanburg, E23 Reporter

If you’re in Columbia, I’m sure you all know there’s a new man on the block! Moe’s! But is “he” really the man? Moe’s is a new southwest grill that has opened downtown on ninth street. It is very similar to Chipotle and, of course, the two are right next door to each other. So what do people prefer?

The first day Moe’s opened, people waited hours before the grand opening for a lucky treat. What was the treat you may ask? The first one hundred people lined up when they opened got a free burrito pass that was valid every day for a year. Although no one can turn free food, because what’s wrong with that, it is worth choosing Moe’s over Chipotle?

I had the opportunity to eat at Moe’s the other day. I was very impressed with the service and how lovely they treated their customers. Felt like they were trying to be my next best friend but had to wait forever in line, just like at Chipotle. Every time someone walks through the doors, the staff yells “Welcome to Moe’s!” Although it seems cool when they yell it to you, it gets annoying being in there so long when you hear it about thirty times more before you leave. I also just feel bad for the staff having to do that over and over everyday. So after being so impressed with the service, eating my food I wasn’t so impressed with; wasn’t as quality and filling. I don’t know if I just got bad luck with my first experience but other students like Dominic Pilla say “If Moe’s and Chipotle has a prison fight, Chipotle would win.”

“Moe’s is not as good as Chipotle because the serving sizes aren’t as big and not as quality of food [as Chipotle] and the prices are still high,” said by Zach King.

Shaun O’Haro says “The prices are a little better, especially Moe Monday’s, the only downside is how busy they’ve been lately.”

While it may be a no brainer that Chipotle has less processed ingredients which adds a fresher taste to the burrito, it does lack a the variety of ingredients. Chipotle has only four main meats/items available. Chicken, steak, barbacoa, or vegetarian (which is just vegetables, not tofu). These items are the only selections that a customer can choose when ordering. On the other hand, Moes’ wide range of ingredients include chicken, ground beef, tofu, steak, or pulled pork and over 20+ free and fresh ingredients, including bacon, that the customer can add to their meal.

A great thing about Moe’s no one can deny is that they do have great promotions that go on, such as five dollar meals on [Moe] Mondays. This deal includes any burrito of choice, chips, salsa and a drink. They also have a system where someone can text a special promotions number at Moe’s and the number will give you a special code to redeem for a free burrito. While Chipotle never has deals (besides the small halloween costume/ cheap burrito promotion) and everything is one set price, Chipotle knows how big of a deal they are to so many people and probably doesn’t feel the need to have to try to beat their competition and have special deals.

What was great about Moe’s? Variety is always a plus! A salsa bar and free chips (although the chips are not very good at all) are great. But, for me, it all comes down to taste. Moe’s just couldn’t stand up to Chipotle. I’m sticking to my “white girl” syndrome where not only the white girls go, but admit it everyone loves Chipotle. But if you’re on a budget, definitely give Moe’s a try on Mondays, otherwise it can also be a little pricey there as well. When it comes down to it, everyone has their own opinion and taste buds, therefore everyone should try Moe’s and see themselves!