“Queen B” Gives an Unforgettable Performance

Monday, Feb. 11-

The “Queen B” of R&B, Beyoncé Knowles, performed to a crowd of 71,024 fans at the Super Bowl Halftime Show in New Orleans last week and did not disappoint. Clad in a skin tight black confection of an outfit that was one part super heroine and ten parts sultry diamond diva, Knowles strutted around the stage for 12 minutes of non-stop energy while tearing through hits like “Crazy in Love”, “Love on Top” and her signature single, “Single Ladies”.

Knowles looked energetic, confident and bombastic on the stage during the performance. She stated previously that she was very nervous, but none of this showed during her electric set. She strutted through the Superdome stage, backed by her all female band, Suga Mama. This performance was sung live as well, which was a direct response to the lip-syncing controversy during President Obama’s inauguration.

There were no stumbles during this performance, which also included special effects, which provided the audience with multiple Beyoncé’s at once-as if one was not enough to fawn over. The highlight of this performance was the special effects and how they complemented the performance perfectly. They gave the performance an energy and visual aspect that past Super bowl performances have lacked in.

The real story here, though, was the reunion of legendary trio Destiny’s Child. The crowd went crazy as band mates Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams jumped out of the stage to perform the group’s past hits “Independent Women: Part 1” and “Bootylicious”. The group worked together exceedingly well, losing none of the spark and energy that made them one of greatest groups in the history of modern music. They gelled well together with their harmonies and handled the performance with the grace and humbleness that they have been known for throughout their careers.

All talk of Michelle Williams being the “weak link” in the group is nonsense. She counteracted this claim by performing sultry, calm nature and fierce dance moves, looking as much of a star as Knowles and Rowland.

Overall, this was a great performance with tons of energy and provided a great moment for everyone. Knowles shined, and then shimmered into the moonlight. Anyone down for an encore next year?


-Alfie Cox

Staff Writer

The Prowl