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Sweeping changes to the requirements of Missouri Students Association senators would be enacted if a bill proposed by Speaker Mark McDaniel is approved. MSA bill 56-01 received its first reading at the first full senate meeting Wednesday.

McDaniel said his goal is to make MSA more consistent “so that each and every year, there is a set knowledge of what senators need to do.”

The bill would require senators to be current members of MSA in good standing with the university.

Under proposed attendance requirements, senators would be removed from their position for missing either three committee meetings or two full senate meetings within a semester, whichever comes first. Senators would be allowed to miss two committee meetings and one full senate meeting each semester with approved absences, given proper notice and verification. Additional approved absences would be granted at the discretion of the speaker.

Removing legislative officers from office

Currently, legislative officers can be revoked of their position if the speaker believes that they are behaving or performing in an unsatisfactory way. The speaker sends a letter to the legislative officer, specifying his or her reasoning for the removal, and the accused officer has three academic days to accept or dispute the removal.

The bylaws do not state what happens to members who do not reply to the letter from the speaker. Under the proposed bill, a lack of formal response to the speaker’s letter within three academic days would result in termination of the senator’s position.

Additional requirements for senators would be at the discretion of the speaker. The final time the speaker could announce those requirements would be “the second full senate of that said semester,” according to the bill.

GPA requirement 

The M-Book, the university’s student code of conduct, requires a 2.2 cumulative GPA for officers of student organizations and governments.

According to McDaniel, MSA raised its GPA requirement to 2.5 from the M-Book’s former 2.0 GPA standard in order to show that MSA student leaders must hold themselves to a higher standard.

McDaniel, who voted against the GPA raise, believes the M-Book’s current cumulative GPA requirement of 2.2 should be adopted by MSA to eliminate any barriers of elitism.  

MSA will hold its next full senate meeting Wednesday, Sept. 14, in Leadership Auditorium.

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