Birthplace of Greatness: Mizzou Homecoming and House Decorations

By: Colleen Sloyan, E23 Reporter

Columbians lined the streets of Greek town this past Friday to enjoy the house decorations from Greek organizations.

Children, families, staff, and students alike trekked over to Greek town to see what the past two months of hard work the Greek students have put into ‘pomping’, painting, and skit performances. Besides the amazing house decorations, the beautiful fall night consisted of food trucks serving a variety of foods including waffles, Jamba Juice serving smoothies, and an alumni tent welcoming back old tigers.

Each house represented their specific theme, under the general homecoming theme of “The Places You’ll Go,” through an aroma of smells of cotton candy and popcorn in the streets, a carousel for kids run by fraternity pledges, Frozen music, to finally a train station ticket booth at one of the Greek houses. The atmosphere of the event was family friendly and ablaze with smiles.

The Homecoming winners of the campus decorations category were Pi Beta Phi, Farmhouse, and Phi Delta Theta. The second place team in the same category consisted of Chi Omega and Alpha Gamma Rho.

Freshman student and member of Chi Omega, Gabbie Gresge, commented on their second place win in the campus decorations category. “It was a good experience!” Gabbie remarked, “It was nice to see our hard work pay off especially after pomping for seven hours a week.”

For those of you we do not know what pomping is, it is the process of wrapping tissue paper around a pencil and placing it precisely onto a wooden board to create a picture. When this long process is over, the result is pretty amazing. It creates a 3-D effect similar to an extravagant painting.

Freshman student Spencer Tauchen also commented on his event experience stating, “I enjoyed seeing part of Mizzou provide a welcoming experience for the rest of the Columbia community.”

The Greek homecoming overall winners were team Phi Mu, Delta Chi, and Beta Upsilon Chi. Mizzou Homecoming 2014, celebrating 103 years of its birth, was a success.