By Savannah Taffe, MUTV-23 News reporter

Mizzou is well-known for its interactive Black Gold Weekend celebrations, but this year’s celebrations were very different from the gatherings in the past. 

With COVID-19 lingering in the air, homecoming became just that, a celebration at home. Starting on Friday, Oct. 16, 2020, to Sunday, Oct. 18, 2020, the annual Black and Gold Weekend Events were virtually celebrated. 

The Black and Gold Weekend is an annual series of events during Homecoming weekend for the Black and brown alumni, as they commemorate their former years as students at Mizzou and celebrate their current and future years to come as proud alumni. As the alumni gathered, they were allowed to promote and support the Black-owned businesses of the alumni in attendance while they mingled with the former classes digitally. 

The weekend was spread out by a variety of interactive and entertaining activities put together by Mr. Suitable, a company founded by Mizzou alumni, and the Mizzou Black Alumni Network. 

Homecoming weekend was kicked off on Friday with a Trops and Trivia game show, hosted by other Mizzou alumni. 

“It’s only proper that I lead us in our toast, because what is homecoming without a toast,” said Shawn Grant, one of the hosts from the class of 2013. 

As the toast commenced and the games came to an end, the weekend continued with the other events.

Saturday morning began with a relaxing yoga session, followed by a hip hop cardio workout and ended with an extreme power fitness session. Although the viewers were exhausted from the rigorous workout, they were ready to hear the advice given by a Black Entrepreneurs Panel. Later that evening, the viewers were entertained by the “Monochromatic Masquerade” as the past homecoming celebrations were broadcasted on the webinar. 

The final day of the Black Gold Weekend started with a prayer call at noon and closed out with a social justice panel in the early afternoon as the alumni shared their personal experiences and personal prayers. 

“Raise your cups up and we are going toast to more life, healthy lifestyles, and to all of us getting together again next year,” said Grant, as they all await next year’s Black and Gold Festivities.

Edited by Rachel Henderson

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