Black Cultural Center Hosts Hair Daze

Pat Moody – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

As a part of Diversity Week here at MU, students gathered in the Gaines/Oldham Black Cultural Center to hear a presentation about hair treatment and styles.

Owner and stylist at Piece of Mind Salon and Spa in Columbia, Bridget Hollis, presented a PowerPoint on how to gauge each person’s unique type of hair. It included ways to determine the elasticity, thickness and moisture retention. The tests are simple, quick and can be done in one’s own home.

One such test was a test for porosity or how much moisture hair follicles retain. Taking a piece of hair, drop it into a cup of water. If it floats, the hair has difficulty retaining moisture and if the hair sinks quickly, the hair absorbs moisture fast. Otherwise, a hair that sinks slowly is indicative of healthy hair follicles.

“I can do the whole cup and water test; I think it’s a good opportunity just to make my hair healthier and to get more experience with my own hair,” student Alexis Mayes said.

There was also a chance to win raffle prizes that were designed to treat a certain type of hair like wavy, curly, or straight.

Another point that was touched on was how hair can be used as a method of expression depending on how it is styled.

“In the way you choose to style it, whether it’s short, whether it’s long, your color, your texture, how you choose to pin it up. All that is self expression of who you want people to perceive you,” Hollis said.

Although the presentation was geared mainly towards the overwhelming majority of women in the crowd, there were a couple of tips that men can use to maintain their own healthy hair. Hollis said that finding a good, natural based shampoo and conditioner will help men keep their hair looking good.

A point that was stressed by one of the other stylists was that when purchasing salon products from a store, it is meant as a one size fits all product which might not be the best for the individual. When seeing a professional, he/she will take into account all the unique factors hair has to find the best possible treatment instead of using a product meant to work on a wide range of people. Hollis emphasized this point.

“Consult with your own personal stylist to achieve your hair goals,” she said.


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