By Davis McCondichie, E23 Reporter

The music scene has seen some significant releases in recent weeks. From Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” to Drake’s “Views,” music fans have been treated to the top talent of the music industry. Pop-punk icon Blink-182 also tried to take advantage of the big releases.

Releasing its first single since the departure of frontman Tom DeLonge, Blink-182 attempted to capture some of its old magic in “Bored to Death.” Sadly the song lacks any lyrical depth- something that was commonly given to the band’s songs by Tom DeLonge. “Bored to Death” had all the potential in the world, and on first listen, the song seems complete. However, when further analyzing the song, mistakes can be seen.

The song begins similarly to “Feeling This,” which coincidentally is one of DeLonge’s more famous songs. The drum starts the song with a casual beat, and then the guitar kicks in. Mark Hoppus gives his fans an excellent bass line, driving the song.

Honestly, the music itself is the strongest part. The instruments are classic Blink-182, with feverish drums complemented by mellow guitar and heavy bass. That is also the problem, because the song’s lyrics show a lack of inspiration.

Now Blink-182 has never been known for deep, meaningful lyrics, but “Bored to Death” is especially weak in this department. The usual rough punk that fans love to hear from the band has been circumvented for Hoppus’ misleading pessimistic lines.

In other words, normally a Blink-182 song has a nice compliment of rough hateful lyrics from DeLonge and joyful melancholy from Hoppus. In fact, the song that “Bored to Death” resembles, “Feeling This,” has become the perfect example of this.