Breast Cancer: A Story of Survival



Nina Ruhe – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

At the Women’s Center this past Tuesday, Cassandra Casperson, an academic advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences for MU, shared her breast cancer survival story.

“I got a lot of shooting pain in the left side of my chest… I went and looked and had a big lump that was above my skin. I knew right away that something was really wrong,” Casperson said.

When she found out about her situation, Casperson said the hardest thing was telling her family. Both of her sisters temporarily stopped their personal lives to come help her.

She also described the struggles of talking to doctors about breast reconstruction, reproduction, and use of cosmetics to hide her cancer.

When asked by doctors whether or not she wanted to have her reproductive eggs frozen, Casperson said no. Doctors questioned her multiple times as to why not, which quickly became frustrating. She ran into the same situation when asked about whether or not she wanted breast reconstruction surgery.

“You’re here, you’re stressed about chemo, and then you have to argue with people about your decisions…it was something I ran into repeatedly,” said Casperson.

After the struggles she went through, however, after four rounds of chemotherapy, Cassandra is once again healthy.

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