By Ryan Cohen, MUTV-23 News reporter

COLUMBIA- As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic causing many changes to normal routines and policies, many Mizzou students are having a hard time settling in on campus this fall semester. The Campus Activities Programming Board, however, is looking to make that transition easier by organizing a number of events across campus. Most notably, the CAPB held watch parties for the first two Mizzou college football games of the season. Allie Overschmidt, the CAPB member who coordinated the watch parties, says the watch parties served as another option for students who want to watch games in a social setting but aren’t comfortable with the risks of in-person attendance.

“I think the watch parties are a great idea, [an] alternative for students that maybe don’t want to be near people,” says Overschmidt.

In addition to the watch parties, the CAPB has hosted a plethora of other events around campus that are designed to get students engaged in the Mizzou community. Movies are shown Friday nights at Kuhlman Court, with plans in place to host drive in movies sometime in the future. CAPB members frequently hand out kits outside the Student Center, with themes ranging from crafts to plants to international cuisine. Local artists have held performances, and trivia nights have been hosted over Zoom. Overschmidt says that it’s crucial for students to participate in events like these in order to stay involved on campus. 

“I think it is really important just to maintain some kind of sense of normalcy,” Overschmidt says.

Hosting the events hasn’t been entirely easy, Overschmidt notes. She specifically cites difficulties with raising awareness about the events amongst the student body.

“The biggest challenge is just getting the information out to the students, making sure that they know that things like this are still available on campus,” says Overschmidt. “I know [that] a lot of students, they don’t follow our social media or they aren’t aware that we’re a thing, so they just don’t know about any of these events and I think that’s been what the struggle that we’ve been having [is].”

Another source of difficulty has been reassuring students who may be concerned about the risks that come with attending moderately sized social events. Overschmidt acknowledges those concerns and states that acting cautiously is by no means unwise.

“I think everybody’s kinda just on alert, but it’s not a bad thing, you know?” Overschmidt notes.

But Overschmidt also reiterates the need for students to attend the CAPB’s events, noting that compliance with social distancing guidelines is possible at the gatherings.

“I think it’s definitely important that students come out and attend these things and still get that face to face interaction [while] maintaining that six feet of distance.”

Edited by Rachel Henderson

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