By: Africa Baker
Sept. 24, 2015

As a college student, it’s easy to throw on sweats and t-shirts as the outfit of choice for the day (or week). However, there’s always that one person in your 8 a.m. that makes you question how they manage to put on jeans. E23 has found MU students that go the extra mile when it comes to fashion! Check out their outfits for inspiration!

Nate Morley

Nate Morley: “Wear tighter pants because it instantly makes you look more fashionable.”

Nate really knows how to make simplicity work with a standard white tee, staple black skinnies, and black Vans.

Katy Webb

Katy Webb: “Try online shopping because there are a lot of deals you can’t find in shops.”

Katy puts the punk in spunk with this indie-inspired outfit. To achieve this look, pair a basic black tee with your darkest denims and a jean jacket. Don’t forget to slip on a pair of off-colored shoes to add a touch of color.

Kyra Raine

Kyra Raine: “Wear what makes you happy, but don’t be basic. Be you!”

Kyra struts the sidewalk like a catwalk in her essential denim jacket, funky t-shirt, distressed black jeans, and simple brown loafers. Keep jewelry at a minimum to accomplish this classic tomboy look.

Bryan Brayton

Bryan Brayton: “Pop some tags. Always look for a good deal and if it catches your eye, make it match with other stuff.”

Who said sporty couldn’t be cute? With the black Adidas jersey, matching track pants, and Air Jordan 1 Barons, anyone can rock this outfit off the field.

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E23 Web Director Colleen Sloyan has been with MUTV for three semesters now. She is studying for a Bachelor of Journalism and a minor in Business.