By John Messer

Some of the first games I ever played were simple in-browser Flash games. These games were rudimentary but were enough to get my child self hooked on the interactive medium. Very popular among these were bridge builders, or games with two-dimensional physics allowing you to simulate the construction of bridges to facilitate traffic.

These fun simulators were simple enough to make, although a talented programmer could work wonders with the concept. Regardless, by 2017, it had been years since I’d touched one. However, upon seeing the YouTuber “Sips” play a new bridge-builder type game in one of his videos, I picked up “Carried Away” this last week and have been having a blast.

The screenshot shows a half-built cartoon wooden structure on a snowy mountain.

Here we can see how you have tools provided to create your ski lifts and safely transport skiers. The interface is easy to use and takes up minimal space, which is a plus. It might be hard to tell, but the game is entirely made up of 3D models, which looks very nice. (Screenshot by John Messer)

Instead of bridges, “Carried Away”, developed by Huge Calf Studios, tasks the player with constructing ski lifts and ramps for skiers. The basic mechanics are similar to older bridge builders, but with a remarkable amount of polish (especially for an early release title) and a wide variety of new mechanics. You will need to account for overhang and how the stress of the ropes will affect the structure, all while keeping it under budget.

All in all, it’s not a vastly complex game. There’s no story or convoluted mechanics, but most importantly, there isn’t a full retail $60 price tag. At the time of writing, it’s just $8.99 on Steam. The game has pleasant music, fun mechanics and a long future of added levels to anticipate. I would recommend it wholeheartedly as a good laptop game to switch to in between studying.

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