By Nyoko Morgan, MUTV-23 News Reporter


COLUMBIA – Have you been struck by Cupid’s arrow? Cupid and members of the Campus Activities Programming Board have spent the past week working diligently to sprinkle some love around campus for MU students.

Every week on Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., CAPB members set up in the Shack on the main floor of the MU Student Center to pass out activity craft kits for students. In preparation for Valentine’s Day, each kit included two heart-shaped sugar cookies with a variety of frosting and sprinkles so students could add their creativity and a card with markers and heart-shaped paper doilies that could be used as decoration. 

The chair in charge of the event, Amy Wang, discussed what motivated her to do this event and how she came up with the materials to put inside the kit.

“I decided to do something for Valentine’s Day because it was right before it and it created a theme for me. Prior to COVID-19, we did cupcake decorating in the student center so I wanted to do something along those lines.  This resulted in me trying to find un-iced cookies and a CAPB member recommended to add a craft card to the kit,” she said.  

A video tutorial of how to decorate the card was uploaded to the organization’s Instagram page under the handle @Stufftodoatmu. 

Wang discussed some of her expectations going into the event. 

“I was expecting it to have a smaller turnout since it was targeted towards a specific audience, but it turned out better than I thought it would,” she said. 

CAPB has been finding new marketing tactics and using its platforms to increase student engagement. Not only did members pass out Valentine’s day themed activity kits, but MU students also got a chance to participate in a Valentine’s day giveaway by decorating a stuffed bear template on the @Stufftodoatmu Instagram story and tagging the organization in their story. 

The instructions highlighted that students had to follow the organization’s page and that each friend tagged in the comments would be considered as an extra entry. 

From Valentine’s day kits and Ultimate Football watch parties to live cooking demos, CAPB does it all. To keep up with other events CAPB members are hosting this semester, students can follow its social media platforms at @StufftodoatMU.


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