Chancellor Loftin was Officially Welcomed to the MU Family

Abby Narishkin – MUTV 23 News Staff Writer

R. Bowen Loftin was formally welcomed to the Tiger family on Wednesday during his Welcome Reception in Stotler Lounge.

Loftin, who is replacing Chancellor Brady Deaton, took office on Feb. 1. He gained experience with large, public land-grand research universities during his time as president of Texas A&M.

“He’s an incredible scholar, an incredible leader and he’s well respected in the AAU,” Graduate Professional Council President Jake Wright said. “He is all about students and those are the kinds of things that will make MU even better.”

Loftin plans to focus on higher education funding, primarily Bright Flight.

“Him coming from an out-of-state school and looking at how our higher education funding goes is really interesting,” MSA President Mason Schara said. “He’s really taking a big part already in the state capital working with the governor on budget.”

But while Loftin brings experience to Mizzou’s campus, he is also spreading the fun. He is known for his more than 10,000 Twitter followers as the man with the bow-ties who’s also good at selfies.

“All the girls in my house think he’s the cutest thing ever,” MU student Austin Williams said.

In his upcoming time at MU, Loftin has also made it his goal to meet as many students as possible.

“I wrote the chancellor a letter to see if I could have lunch with me. I got the letter back from him saying that he would love to have lunch with me,” Williams said. “I have a bow tie picked out for when I meet him and we go to Gumby’s.”


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