Chicago Fire Season Return

Chicago Fire Season Return

By: Hailey Brown

NBC’s hit series “Chicago Fire” aired its season three premiere Tuesday the twenty third of September. The series originally premiered on the tenth of October in 2012 and ended up being a commercial success. The TV drama follows the lives of paramedics and firefighters employed at the Chicago fire department.

On the fourth of January 2012 the spinoff series Chicago P.D. aired and a major cross over between both shows occurred at the end of the second season. A much anticipated three-way crossover with Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Chicago P.D. has been set to air on November eleventh and twelfth 2014.

The season two finale left viewers on edge by ending with a huge explosion inside of a building that contained the whole firehouse crew. The opening episode shocked audiences and cast members by killing off a beloved character. According to cast member Monica Raymund there are still more surprises to come as the season progresses.

Fans can expect many guest stars through out the season including Sophia Bush, Kenny Johnson, Edwin Hodge, and more. Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinny, Charlie Barnett, and Monica Raymund will all reprise their roles in the new season.

Episode one “Always,” held over nine million viewers, which is a three million increase since episode one of season one. Executive producer Dick Wolf, along with producers Derek Haas and Michael Brandt, are continuing their producing roles on the show. Episodes air every Tuesday at ten o’clock on NBC.