By Cassidy Cunnyngham, E23 Reporter

What can I say, the Super Bowl 50 halftime show slayed! From Coldplay to Bruno Mars to Beyonce, the trio made quite the splash. I almost didn’t believe the performance was real because of the fact that it was so light outside.

Coldplay brought the thunder when they arrived on the stage in matching rainbow denim get-up. This pleased the textiles and apparel management minor in me, because I was beyond excited to see them all make an effort in matching outfits.

Coldplay stole my heart when they performed some of my favorite songs like “Viva la Vida”, “Paradise”, and “Fix You.” The entire stadium floor got a colorful splash when people on the floor started spinning large flowers. Seeing the spectacle was a beautiful delight and makes me look forward to spring.

Coming on next was Bruno Mars, who looked hot in a black and leather get-up that matched with all of his dance team. My jaw dropped to the floor when he started singing and dancing. He blew me away with his dance moves and effort, because he looked effortless. Personally I loved the black and gold theme he had going on because M-I-Z of course.

And then came Beyoncé. I could just stop right there but her performance was spectacular. She sang “Formation,” her new song that just dropped Feb. 6. She didn’t just slay- she stood out in her black tight little get-up although her outfit slightly disappointed me because it reminded me of Michael Jackson when he performed previously in Super Bowl 27. Although Queen Bey did fall, she recovered nicely and made it almost unnoticeable.

The real action came once Bruno and Beyoncé started a dance-off that continued into a sing-off. I slightly died for a couple of minutes while they played off of each other. The killer part was when Coldplay joined in and created a major powerhouse of melodies. Let’s just say I had to dry my eyes when the flashbacks of previous Super Bowl halftime performances faded over the shot of the trio on stage.

Ending the halftime performance strong, the stadium turned into a rainbow with a message of “Believe in Love.” The song alone reminds me of how we could all unite in love but why does the Super Bowl have to be the one to remind us?