By Sara Nelson, E23 Reporter

Booths lined streets surrounding Peace Park

Every year around Earth Day, Columbia, Missouri puts together a festival to celebrate mother Earth. The event is held in Peace Park and entails live music, bounce houses, little shop stands and chill vibes.

Events like this are a great way to not only get closer to nature but to the people in the community. Everyone is nice and enjoying the weather. The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect to be outside- not a cloud in the sky and 75 degrees.


Organizations and businesses surrounded Peace Park with tents and booths full of mini adventures including henna tattoos, various tie-dye accoutrements, dream catchers and even a place to get a caricature done. And of course I just had to get one done of myself.

Sara Nelson's caricature

Walking around Peace Park during an Earth Day event is like being in a different world. There is so much positivity and so little care of what others will think of you. The fact that Columbia is already so outdoorsy makes it so much better to be around a bunch of other nature lovers.

Columbia residents celebrate Earth Day in Peace Park

Families and friends came together on the lawn, enjoyed the atmosphere, ran around Peace Park and took everything in. You could easily spot interesting people, especially in the park where musicians played live bluegrass music and people danced. Some event attendees even danced with hula hoops, which added to the carefree atmosphere. It was a perfect environment for the end of the year and with finals coming up, it’s a nice, sweet escape.

This bluegrass group performed at the festivities.

If you missed this year’s Earth Day celebration, don’t worry! You can always attend next year’s celebration OR celebrate our beautiful planet everyday.

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