Picture of Cafe Berlin

Café Berlin is located in downtown Columbia near Rose Music Hall.

By Tashfia Parvez and Celine Pence

Café Berlin, a popular brunch restaurant in downtown Columbia, was vandalized overnight on January 15, 2017.

The damages included cut cables used to plug in refrigerators and dishwashers. There were also smashed windows, spilled food over music equipment and broken electronics. Most of the equipment was salvageable.  No arrests have been made.

“The first person that was here was the owner, Eli. He got here like 9 o’clock or so and the place was full of steam because somebody had knocked over the espresso machine and there was just broken glass and milk and cream and food all over the place,” Jamie Davis, Café Berlin’s kitchen manager, said.

Davis said the attack seemed planned, although he was unsure about possible motives.

“Immediately we were all kind of just in shock and it took us a couple hours to get activated and by the time the police came and they took photos and evidence we were all pretty ready to start cleaning,” Davis said.

As a precaution, they now have a secured alarm system in place.

Davis said he was overwhelmed by the community’s response to the break-in. People donated beer kegs and coffee, gave money, offered to help clean up and left huge tips.

Business sprung back to normal pretty soon after the incident.

“We did like $4,200 brunch service on Monday, usually we do less than half of that, and since then there’s definitely been like strong feeling of [the] community behind the restaurant,” Davis said.

A note from MUTV management: This story was intended to be published on February 26, 2017, but not available online until August 11, 2017. 

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