By Eileen Sheeran, E23 Reporter

One of the best ways to become a well-rounded person is to find something you can make money at, another that keeps you fit and one more that lets you let out your creativity. The Craft Studio on campus is a great resource for the third hobby. The studio was previously located in Memorial Union and was staffed strictly by work study students.


This past Friday was the grand reopening in the new location of room 11 in Gentry Hall. With lots of sweets, creativity, music by KCOU, and enthusiastic staff the Craft Studio is back and booming. Lots of people, from many different majors, filled the room and celebrated by making their own poppers.

Confetti littered the workspace, along with balloons, tissue paper and toilet paper rolls, the materials needed to make these beautiful little crafts.


Making the choice to visit the volunteer staffed studio in Gentry Hall could be the best decision from your time on campus. The atmosphere is one of total positivity, the friendly staff greets you as you arrive and the room is cozy and perfect for groups to meet and participate in all the different projects and classes provided. No matter what craft you want to create The Craft Studio is certainly the place to go!

The Craft Studio is a great place to volunteer and get community service hours, and what better way to meet new creative people than to actually create things you can use to decorate your personal space?  So take the time from your busy days to stop in.Your time there will give you a chance to relax and a sense of accomplishment!

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