By Josie Clark

Minor spoilers follow for “Daddy’s Home 2.”

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell sit while tied together by gift wrap ribbon and surrounded by ornaments.

Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell star in the comedy sequel “Daddy’s Home 2.” (Source: Vimeo)

If you are looking for a wholesome, funny and heartfelt Christmas comedy this season, I have the perfect recommendation for you: anything but “Daddy’s Home 2.” How this movie was greatly anticipated is beyond me. The first movie was dumb but funny, and this sequel did not even live up to that standard.

I was not expecting this film to be an Oscar winner, but I did hope that it would have some of the trademark laughs from the first one. I was thoroughly disappointed. There was absolutely no plot; in fact, I suspect this whole movie was just a bet of how many times they could punch Will Ferrell in the face. Also, the multiple dads plot was so confusing that I found myself writing out a family tree during the movie just to keep up.

I honestly wish I had not paid for this trainwreck of a movie. I enjoy seeing a movie for the novelty of it, but this was a complete waste of time. Basically, if you watched any of the trailers, you have seen this entire movie. There are no spoilers to give; it was literally all in the trailer. The “co-dads” decide they want a “together Christmas” featuring their dads. There is a lot of struggle for the status of head of household, and in the end, they all see eye to eye and sing kumbaya. Sound familiar? That is because it is the first movie, only with more dads.

The best performance in “Daddy’s Home 2” is easily John Cena’s role as Mark Wahlberg’s rival father. If the best part of your movie is John Cena, then I really think you need to reevaluate your film. Nonetheless, he was easily the most fun to watch. He was funny and had the most believable performance as a father. Not a single other actor in this movie could ever convince me that their character actually has children. I understand it is a comedy, so the actors are being more theatrical with the role, but there is such a thing as chemistry between adults and children.

The children are barely more than props throughout the film. At one point, the smallest child is forgotten completely while the parents threaten each other with snowballs. The kids get drunk; yes, the 9-year-olds drink eggnog with rum and pass out. The movie is supposed to be about the children having a perfect Christmas and, yet, you never see the kids unless they’re doing something horrific.

There are a lot of things I wish this movie had that it just does not. There is no substance; only mindless violence for laughs. Then, there is the cheap shots at Ferrell’s character for being sensitive. It is an incredibly predictable movie with almost nothing creative to show for it.

Truthfully, the best part of my viewing experience was the commentary from the ladies behind me hoping that Mark Wahlberg’s stepdaughter gets a “whoopin’,” which she deserved. The people around me seemed to enjoy it far more than I did. Maybe I just do not have a sense of humor, but this movie was not entertaining and is not worth your time. Maybe a great deal of eggnog would have made it watchable. My overall rating is 3/10 for unoriginality, but I got to hear John Cena sing, so it was not a complete zero.

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