‘Dance Moms’ Recap: ‘Boys Are Cuties, Girls Have Cooties’

Wednesday, Feb. 6 –

Anyone who watches “Dance Moms” religiously will agree that when you tune in to watch Abby annihilate innocent middle school students, she morphs into the supernatural beacon of all that is evil in the world. Subsequently, the only reason viewers pray for her routines to succeed is for the sake of her poor dancers.

This week’s episode is no different as the troupe competes against the Candy Apples’ all-boys team in New Jersey. In light of the girls’ unfathomable fourth place in last week’s competition, Abby runs on all cylinders to outdo Cathy’s studio.

During pyramid, Abby excludes Brooke from the exercise and leaves the top slot blank. She then “graciously” appoints Kendall, Chloe, and Nia with solos.

As if dancing a normal competition routine wasn’t challenging enough, the girls are forced to balance unfastened fedoras on their heads throughout the entire group number.

Meanwhile, in attempts to boost Kendall’s game, Jill goes behind Abby’s back and orders a designer costume for Kendall’s solo. Needless to say, Abby unleashes her wrath, and Jill pulls Kendall out of practice the day before the competition.

Though this episode’s drama is thoroughly enticing, the surprising results of the judging throw the audience for an even greater curve ball.

Throughout the episode, Cathy’s dance troupe seems to have the upper hand. Not only do they fly in an LA choreographer to compose a jaw-dropping, contemporary hip-hop number, but their troop is also composed of all boys – who typically receive higher scores in competition.

Somehow, the girl’s “Pink Lemonade” performance reigns supreme, despite Chloe’s hat flying off during the performance. Furthermore, the seemingly impressive solo numbers are a bust, as Kendall is the only ALDC member to place in junior solos.

Chloe’s failure to place, in conjunction with her prop malfunction, sends Christi over the edge and they quit the team . . . “Everyone’s replaceable.”


-Alex Mediavilla

Staff Writer

The Prowl