By Jack Lee, 23News Reporter

The Delta Gamma Foundation Lectureship in Values and Ethics hosts an investor from ABC’s Shark Tank.

The Delta Gamma Foundation Lectureship in Values and Ethics hosted Daymond John, an investor on ABC’s Shark Tank, on Wednesday, Nov. 1.

The event, which was free to students, took place in Jesse Auditorium. In his presentation, John shared tips for success while also sharing his story of how he went from growing up in Queens, New York to starting a multibillion-dollar fashion brand and becoming an investor on the TV show “Shark Tank.”

Justin Berks, first-year student,  said the lecture was informative, but also engaging.

“Going in I thought (John) was just going to be boring, telling us the same thing we’ve always heard before, but the way he did his speech was rather refreshing,” Berks said. “Cracking jokes and being down to earth helped showcase the human side that he stressed was important in business.”

Berks also said that as a business major, John’s advice was especially helpful for him. “I’m usually a pretty reserved guy, and I don’t really travel out of my comfort zone that much,” Berks said in a text message. “(Daymond John) adds more reason to do it because he didn’t get anywhere by being quiet and not taking risks.”

The decision to invite John was one that came relatively naturally since he is both a household name and a great example of the American Dream, said Delta Gamma director of lectureship Libby Rathert in a phone interview. She said he also he exemplifies the MU’s values of respect, responsibility, discovery and excellence.

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