By Prajukta Ghosh

RespectHer 2022, organized by Delta Xi Nu, a multicultural sorority on campus, was held on March 11 in the student center. This has been considered their signature event for several years now. The sorority organized guest speakers from the MU Health Department to discuss issues related to women’s sexual health in order to promote awareness amongst women on campus. The organizers hoped to encourage women on campus to use safety measures and learn about their sexual rights.

The guest speakers talked about diseases related to sexual health that can have an extensive impact on their bodies into their 30s and 40s. The event was designed to build a community for women where they can encourage one another to be more conscious of the presence of helpful products which can help boost their sexual health. 

Attendees at the event also received free goodies and information from the Social Justice Center on campus. After guest speakers shared information about sex, times were set up for anyone to ask questions or to have a one-on-one conversation about sexual development. Among the topics talked about were women’s sexual desires, safe sexual practices, different birth control measures, the effects of sexually transmitted infections and the services that MU health department provides to its students for free or at a low price. 

“One of the things that we really stand on is empowerment of women, and inclusivity to everybody, so just making sure that people know that there are resources on Mizzou campus and Columbia’s community help empower women and give us a place to learn and have uncomfortable conversations about things that are hard to talk about,” Delta Xi Nu treasurer Tiffany Johnston said. 

The event was free and open to all community members, but not limited just to college students. 

“Not just being aware of these resources but actually using them and using the women’s center that’s on our campus to surround yourself with people and other resources and then talking to your friends about it too to make them aware of these resources can be very helpful to implement the information in real life,” Johnston said.  

Edited by Ryan Cohen