Dressing for Success: Career Fair Fashion Tips

By: Olivia Rivers, E23 Reporter

Sometimes in your life you’ll have to dress up for that important interview, whether it is for a super selective scholarship, a part time job at your nearest chain store, or a local summer internship and it certainly won’t be the last time you’ll need to don your closets best.

As growing college students actively preparing to venture into the professional world, an increasing amount of opportunities requiring a professional outfit are thrown in our direction. These opportunities are great for networking and getting some much needed experience. They can also impact our future careers. One such opportunity is the career fair that MU organizes once a semester for students of any college grade-level. So, whether you’re a freshmen still figuring out what the heck you want to do with your life or a senior who knows exactly what position you want at a certain company after graduation, you should make a serious effort to stop by the career fair!

When heading to the career fair, be sure to bring your resume, but bringing your stylish professional look might be just as important. Looking professional is a great way to impress future employers.

However, you’re probably thinking, “These things are quite competitive, I’ll really stand out if I dress really differently than everyone else.”

Well, you thought wrong, at least to an extent. You will stand out alright, but it won’t be in any way that can help advance your future career. When dressing for something like the career fair it’s important to stay classy in colors such as: black, grey, or blue. The career fair also requires business professional dress, meaning a suit of some sort, and gentlemen don’t forget the ties!

If you’re thinking, “The only thing black, grey, or blue that I own probably wouldn’t be appropriate to meet a future co-worker/boss in.”

That’s where a trip to the mall, specifically stores branded for young professionals, comes into play. Stores like H&M have exactly what you need on a college student friendly budget! From women’s skirt suits to men’s sports jackets, they’ve got it all.

If you just can’t seem to convince yourself to dish out $90 on a new professional outfit, one of the many resources available to you here on MU’s campus is Truman’s Closet. When you go to Truman’s Closet, according to msa.missouri.edu, you can “…borrow professional business attire free of charge.” Problem solved.

So now that you know exactly what you should wear, and where you can get these fancy duds from, what’s stopping you from going to the career fair? This Thursday February 12th, head on down to the Hearnes Center between 10am and 3pm for an attendance worthy experience, I’m sure you’ll be dressed business professional stylish!